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CMGUI 2.9.0 (2012-04-16)

This is the official release of Cmgui 2.9.0.

For additional information about this project, please visit the overview page .

Available downloads

Release Notes

State Final release
License MPL
Release Manager Alan Wu

Cmgui 2.9.0 has now been released, we have made a number of improvements in this release.

Please read the following page for information about migrating from an older version of Cmgui to 2.9.0:

Documentation for the APIs can be found at

If you have any question regarding Cmgui, please visit our forum at

Change log


API Changes:
(New) Enable more field types for create/define fields APIs

Added Features (some incomplete):
3133 FieldML 0.5 import, replaces FieldML 0.4 import.
3184 Allowed reading data into a specific region.

Bugs fixed:
Fixed several bugs causing occasional crashes.
3115 Key presses now get sent to scene viewer callbacks
3160 Fixed crashes caused when passing a null field to Cmiss_field_module_create_abs
3167 Fixed setting linear filter for image field has no effect
3181 Fixed crashes when passing null context to Cmiss_context_get_default_region
3207 Fixed streamlines not showing on 2D models

2512 Remove group regions, replaced by group fields
3213 Improved field evaluation/assignment caching

Removed cmgui-motif from current build