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Zinc release candidate release

Zinc release candidate has been released for Linux and Windows and is supported by Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome

New Zinc plugin has been released and now supports both Firefox and Chrome with full support and partially on Opera and Safari.

Zinc0.7.0.0 and above will not be compatible with scripts written for Zinc0.6.4.4 or below, however the changes required to get the old scripts going on Zinc0.7.0.0 should be straight forward.

You can find the installation instructions and an example included in the download package.

User can run the examples using Zinc release candidate through Firefox or Google Chrome and the html itself should give a brief preview of what the function calls will be like when the full version comes out. A quick-reference page will also be available soon.

Note that this is a release candidate of Zinc, it may have a few bugs.

Please contact me if you are interested inĀ  using Zinc npruntime or have any other questions.

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