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Installation Instructions

These are the installation instructions for versions of Zinc prior to the 0.7 release. Applications based on Zinc 0.6.x and earlier are incompatible with Zinc 0.7 and newer, requiring the following instructions to be followed. Applications built on Zinc 0.7 (NPRuntime) and newer should follow the Installation Instruction for Zinc0.7.0.0 and above instead.

  1. Check you are using Firefox version 1.5 or newer web browser. Firefox 3 support was added in zinc release
  2. Download and install the extension for your platform. Install the file by opening it in Firefox.
  3. Restart Firefox.
  4. Configure. If you are only viewing content that has been digitally signed then you don't need to do this. Digitally signed content will be packaged up in a jar file, such as "jar:!/chrome/content/example_a1.xul". If you want to run content that has not been digitally signed then you must enable privileges for some of the extension's functionality to work. Enter the URL about:config in the address bar. This will open a page of mozilla configuration options. Find the option "signed.applets.codebase_principal_support" (near the bottom), double click it and set its value to true. This provides the remote application the same privileges as a local application, so you might want to return it to false after using trusted applications.
  5. Test. Try one of the examples listed on the zinc home page.

Trouble Shooting

Look in the Tracker to see if a problem you are experiencing has been reported