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Zinc Release Instructions


Currently we have several places we upload new versions of Zinc to. If you build a new release of Zinc you should place it in three different locations: the zinc ftp directory, the CMISS release center and the Mozilla addons website. If possible, it is a good idea to digitally sign any releases, especially any placed on the Mozilla addons site.

FTP site

Developer builds including debug versions are placed on the institute ftp site: The builds placed here are not limited to official releases and users should only ever use one of these if told to by a cmgui/zinc developer. If releasing a new version of Zinc make sure you build both a debug and an optimised version. Place both on the ftp site. The debug version will be handy for people actively involved in Zinc application development.

Release Center

The CMISS Release Center has a link on the left hand navigation pane of this site or can be access via the following address:

You only need to release the optimised versions here.

Mozilla addons

The Mozilla addons site can be accessed via the tools>addons menu on firefox or via the following address:

  1. You will need to log in with an account that is set up as one of the authors of Zinc. The log in link is in the upper right hand corner.
  2. Next click on the developer tools link (upper right hand corner).
  3. Now click on the upload new version link (lower right hand corner).
  4. Work through the forms to upload a new version.

Note that the new version will be placed in the sandbox for testing before it is officially released. If possible try and get a few Zinc users to review the release. To do this they need a mozilla addons login (which is easy to setup). They can then login, view and download addons from the sandbox and create reviews.