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ZINC History


The idea, proof of concept and early generations of the cmgui web browser extension for the Mozilla platform were developed by ZEST. The project was code named ZINC.

ZEST released the source code of ZINC under open source license for the benifit of the Physiome Project

Andrew Miller, employed at the Bioengineering Institute, took the development lead of ZINC and re-engineered it, resulting in mozCmgui.

Shane Blackett, took that, renamed it back to ZINC and reimplemented it without CORBA but maintaining the same interfaces.

Peter Bier has been adding interface components to support image processing in the Digitiser.

In November 2007 ZINC was accepted as a public firefox addon

Shan Blackett initiated a complete rewrite of ZINC using NPAPIs and targeted to make ZINC a true plugin.

Alan Wu is continuing the effort of changing ZINC to a plugin and planning to release ZINC-npruntime in April 2012.

Zinc0.7.0.0 released on 16/04/2012 and is built against libZinc revision 9199.

ZINC was maintained by:

  • ZEST (offering commercial support)
  • Shane Blackett
  • Peter Bier

And is now mainly maintainedd by:

  • Alan Wu