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Building mozCmgui

Checkout the mozCmgui module from cmiss cvs


automake -a


There is a configure parameter for --with-cmgui-corba-bridge but it doesn't seem to be fully respected, instead it looks in CMISS_ROOT/cmgui_corba_bridge, so for now set CMISS_ROOT to be the directory above cmgui_corba_bridge

./configure --with-omniORB=/path/to/omniorb --with-mozilla=/path/to/mozilla/dist/dir --with-xpcorba=/path/to/xpcorba


To make the installer .xpi

make packages

On Win32, you need to make sure you refer to the MSVC version of omniORB, not the gcc one, or linking will fail.

On Win32, paths should be Cygwin paths not native Windows paths. They must also be from the mount point eg /cygdrive/c/home not /home.

There are two places that you change the mozCmgui version number:



plus you should then add at least one example to test your version examples_testing

and release your version in the release centre: