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How to run zinc applications locally

When using firefox Zinc applications can either by run from a webserver or the local file system. If you wish to customizes a zinc application or run it without an internet connection you will need to set it up to run off your local file system.

The source files for the various zinc applications can be downloaded using the links below. Note that if you use winzip with its default configuration settings these examples will NOT run on windows. Use 7zip instead or see how to Stop winzip from corrupting your files. Once you have successfully extracted the tar ball (.tar.gz file) you can then run the example by opening the appropriate .xul file with firefox.

examples_a_endoscope_animation.tar.gz xul file is examples/a/endoscope_animation/cmiss_input/xul/chrome/colon/content/colon/colon.xul

examples_a_ecg_lab.tar.gz xul file is examples/a/ecg_lab/cmiss_input/xul/chrome/ecg/content/ecg/ecg.xul

examples_a_melanoma.tar.gz xul file is examples/a/melanoma/cmiss_input/melanoma.xul

examples_a_eye.tar.gz xul file is examples/a/eye/web_data/xul/eye2.xul

examples_a_digitise.tar.gz xul file is examples/a/digitise/web_data/zincDigitise_0.44/digitiser.xul

examples_a_emoter.tar.gz xul file is examples/a/emoter/web_data/sample.xul