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Zinc0.6.x.x and older

This is the old wiki page for Zinc0.6.x.x and older.

Download & Install

Download and follow the Installation Instructions. This is the post Install page.


These are some of the applications developed using this plugin. Clicking on a link will run the application.

Digitally signed:

Simple_cube (Cmiss example a1, working)

Heart_fibres (Cmiss example a3, working)

Heart_vessels (Cmiss example a4, working)

Not yet signed (require "signed.applets.codebase_principal_support" privilege, see Installation Instructions):

Endoscope_animation (working)

Melanoma_heat_maps (working)

Boxfish (working)

Eye_model (mostly working, time dependent transformations need to be updated due to region/field changes so that the eye deforms and iris contracts)

Digitiser (mostly working, dicom images do not look as good due to changes in imagemagick libraries and filtering guis are being redeveloped to work with region/field changes)

Ecg_lab (not currently working, fields need to be updated due to region/field changes)

As well as running zinc applications from a webserver, you can also download them and run them locally. See How to run zinc applications locally for more information.

See ZINC applications info for some history on the different applications.

Bugs & Suggestions

Please submit bugs and suggestions into the Tracker