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ZINC is an extension for the Mozilla based browsers that incorporates the CMGUI 3D visualisation environment. <br>It has been replaced by <a href="">mozCmgui</a> although I am thinking of changing the name back to avoid confusion about mozilla.<br>"ZINC" is the project's in-house code name that has stuck thus far. <br> <br> CMGUI is included within this extension. Current release version is : 0.2.2, only released for MS Windows

<br> <br> Step 1. Things you must have before you can install the ZINC extension<br> Firefox web browser version = 1.0.x, not the newer 1.5 version yet...<br> <br> Step 2. Install the extension <br> Download the installer <br> Then open it using the browser File-&gt;open The extension will be loaded into the broswer and initialiseed the next time it is started again. The browser must then be restarted one more time before it is usable. But before it can be used you need to complete the following configuration instructions.<br> <br> Step 3. Configure <br> Since we are not yet digitally signing our content, you must enable previledges for some of the extension's functionality to work. Enter the URL about:config in the address bar. This will open a page of mozilla configuration options. Find the option "signed.applets.code_base_principal_support" (near the bottem), double click it and set its value to true. This provides the remote application the same priviledges as a local application, so you might want to return it to false after using trusted applications.<br> <br> Step 4. Test the extension<br> After installing, configuring and restarting the browser. Test the extension: <a href="">fish demo</a>