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Installation Instruction for Zinc0.7.0.0 and above

With the following instruction, Zinc-npruntime should run on both Firefox, Google Chrome and Safari.

Please make sure the old Zinc extension is either disabled/removed from your Firefox browser before installing the newer version of Zinc.

For 32bit/64bit Linux Users: Copy to mozilla "plugins" folder. This folder is generally located in ~/.mozilla directory. If the plugins folder does not exist in the mozilla folder, create the plugins folder and copy into it.

To uninstall, simply remove from the plugins folder.

For windows users: Execute ZincPluginInstallation.msi to install. User can choose the Custom option to select directory of the installation. To uninstall, go to Start->All Programs->zinc-plugins->Uninstal zinc-plugins.

Note: Please restart Firefox or open a new tab in Google Chrome for the installation to take effect.