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Html GUIs for zinc applications

While GUIS for zinc applications are usually specified with a xul file, for very simple applications you can use a plain html file. You still need a javascript file but your xul file can be replaced with something like:

<body  onload="init();" onunload = "//Work around bug in ATI back/forward not caching." />

&lt;disabled script type="application/x-javascript" src="chrome://zinc/content/zinc.js" /&gt;;
&lt;disabled script type="application/x-javascript" src="example_a1_html.js" /&gt;

<embed id="generalplugin" height=512 width=512 type="application/x-zinc-plugin"


Unfortunately plone screws up the script tags in the text above, so you may be better to open <a href="examplea1">this file</a> and then view the source.

Note that the id for the plugin can be whatever you choose. You will use this id from within your javascript to fetch the plugin so that the scene can be created.