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Change Log

This is the change log for cmgui releases.

Further information, help pages, a tracker and a wiki is available at


API Changes:
(New) Enable more field types for create/define fields APIs

Added Features (some incomplete):
3133 FieldML 0.5 import, replaces FieldML 0.4 import.
3184 Allowed reading data into a specific region.

Bugs fixed:
Fixed several bugs causing occasional crashes.
3115 Key presses now get sent to scene viewer callbacks
3160 Fixed crashes caused when passing a null field to Cmiss_field_module_create_abs
3167 Fixed setting linear filter for image field has no effect
3181 Fixed crashes when passing null context to Cmiss_context_get_default_region
3207 Fixed streamlines not showing on 2D models

2512 Remove group regions, replaced by group fields
3213 Improved field evaluation/assignment caching

Removed cmgui-motif from current build


API Changes:
(New) Optimisation API
(New) Graphics material API
(New) Field evaluation and assignment API
(New) Scene graphics filtering API
(New) Cmgui Input/Output (Stream) APIs for regions and image field
(New) Graphics tessellation API
(New)API to support external wx main loop
(New) Image field API
(Break) Remove cmiss_timer API
(Break) Remove texture API

Added Features (some incomplete):
1047 Merge scene and region hierarchies.
1699 Print out antialiasing images using cmgui-wx
1776 Region-capable selection and groups.
1844 Implement fitting and optimisation.
2549 FieldML 0.2 import.
2624 Scene graphics filtering
2680 Added graphics coordinate system
2683 Export points with wavefront format
2684 Improve spectrum rainbow
2749 Graphics tessellation objects and editor
2775 Add xi discretization modes to streamlines
2842 Read fieldML 0.4 format into Cmgui

Bugs fixed:
Fixed numerous occasional crashes.
2769 gfx read elements generate option works for root region

2365 New mechanism for static graphics in scene
2702 Hierarchical transformation
2817 Visibility flag to work hierarchically
3026 Improved performance when rendering element points

2529: Simplify changes for buulding third_party on different windows platforms

v2.7.1 (In development)

Added Features (some incomplete):
1047 Merge scene and region hierarchies.
1776 Region-capable selection and groups.
1805 Use double precision for real fields.
2549 FieldML 0.2 import.

12 Apr 2010

This is an official release of cmgui.

API Changes:
(Break) Context API replaces command data. User interface must be enabled explicitly before using graphics, time and execute_command.
(Break) Region API. New methods for creating regions and finding subregions. New method to get field module. Removed obsolete Cmiss_region_add_field.
(Break) Field API. New Field_module API has factory methods for creating fields owned by a region; no need to call Cmiss_region_add_field. New get_name function.
(Break) Object persistence API. New ~set_persistent methods for field, material must be called for objects to persist in owning module when no external references held.
(New) Graphical material API.
(New) Time API.

Added Features:
1037 Field API
1630 Time object and time keeper API
1788 Added information in about dialog
1854 Support write exnode function at specific time
1990 New isosurface code including tetrahedra support
1992 Surfaces made from exterior faces should now have outward normals
2091 Support texture tiling on special case for orthogonal aligned texture coordinates
2096 Graphical material API
2105 Support per-element constant fields
2387 Region API
2417 Replaced command data with context as main object in API
2458 Added more discretization modes to simplex
2491 Object persistent API

Bugs fixed:
995 Remove CREATE and DESTROY macros from API
1023 Fixed missing geometry in tiled element
2037 Fixed crash when when closing the scene editor while the focus is on the isovalue text box
2092 Texture properties are no longer merged when a texture is modified by reading in a new image file
2377 FixedIntel drivers incorrectly clip new graphics buffers
2427 Fixed image field API not working properly due to restriction on modifying number of components
2451 Fixed strange name when saving png file

2064 Rendering optimisation for picking, spectrum, glBegin/glEnd

20 Jan 2010

This is an intermediate release of cmgui, parts of the software may or may
not work.

Added Functions (selected list):
1626 Field dependent visibility
1837 Added glyphs that have texture coordinates
1917 Width option for isolines
1989 Triangular meshing
2050 Tetrahedral meshing

Bugs fixed:
949 Cmgui now prints out extra large images correctly
1789 Timekeeper's time has been tweak to work correctly
1791 Fixed cmgui does not evaluate field value at the right time in rare occasion
1833 Fixed antialiasing not applied to other scene viewer panels except the first one
in rare occasion
1854 Allow user to output ex format file at a specified time

1738 Better CMake support.
1788 Added more information to the about box.
1990 New isosurface algorithem which should improve performance and it now handles tetrahedron
2012 Use 16bit storage for 16bit grey scale image when rendering using OpenGL

More api functions have been exposed for api user and have started work on the c++ api but note that the api functions are not yet finalised.

5 May 2009

1609 Command "gfx write nodes/elements/data" 'fields' option now requires field names to be separated by ampersands (&)

Added Functions (selected list):
866 Added quadratic simplex (tetrahedron) element basis functions.
883 Implemented offscreen printing for cmgui-wx. (Anti-aliasing not supported yet)
901 Improved time dependent transformation interface.
948 Greater support of different DICOM formats using GDCM.
976 Rendering of full resolution textures about GPU supported sizes by tiling (in certain cases...)
990 Added scene chooser on graphics windows.
1019 Added transformation editor of scene objects.
1022 Added graphics font support in cmgui-wx.
1026 Added Opengl GLSL support.
1030 Added 'function' field type for reusing another field's function with a different source field.
1035 Optimized basis function calculations.
1037 (Ongoing) Introducing new field API.
1067 Fields owned by region - can now define computed fields in sub-regions.
1129 Complete wx interface
1130 Allowed user-defined shading programs.
1323 Enforced field ownership and relationships within region.
1447 (Ongoing) Using environment variable overrides for OpenGL extensions.
1486 Added 'alias' field type for importing a field from another region.
1522 Added absolute value field.
1527 Beginnings of SWIG API support.
1609 Added support for regions and comments in EX file format - read and write.
1630 Added time notifier and time keeper API.
1733 Windows support for the -example command line option
Added cmgui user documentation in docs folder and wiki including 1534 EX file format guide.

Bugs fixed (selected list)
844 Fixed sub-regions not supporting time
910 Fixed if a node is labelled with a field that is not defined for the node then it is not rendered.
1020 Fixed 'gfx destroy lines all' destroys elements too.
1069 Fixed merging element fields with no scale factors crashes.
1580 Fixed set_values on composite field can lead to undefined values.
1623 Fixed time_keeper fails to notify clients when t = 0.
1643 Fixed file dialog title text is garbled for open com file dialog.
1654 Fixed CMGUI fails to continue playing time keeper.
1785 Fixed CMGUI fails to render all child scenes of a scene.

25 June 2008
API changes:
Cmiss_scene_viewer_get_frame_pixels now takes a
enum Cmiss_field_image_storage_pixel_format storage
rather than a Texture_format enumerator.
cmiss_field_image.h New interface.

17 Dec 2007

Third release of cmgui-wx.

Fixed user interface resizing issue.
Fixed a number of memoryleak.
Fixed a number of bugs.

Added interface components:
Element point viewer, Spectrum editor, Time editor, Material editor.

Added functions:
Time dependent transformation using quaternion.
Write out a total comfile.
Save all (reproduce the exnode, exelem and com file).
List all (List of commands used to construct the current model).
A number of image filters.
The ability to specify a sequence of iso values with a number, first and last value.
Added a new parameter for scaling the lit volume control.

cmgui-wx will use the best graphics settings available.
Offscreen buffering of cmgui-wx.
Enables order independent transparency in win32.

11 May 2007
Releasing wx version.
Lots of new ITK filters.
Add support for a Graphics_library_tentative_check_extension which is true until we are sure whether
or not an extension works. This can be used for commands, which may be called before OpenGL is
initialised but we would like them to fail if they aren't working after it has been initialised.
Graphics_library_check_extension should be tested before actually using any extension, it will be
false unless we know the extension really works. By now the display should have been initialised.
Use this new tentative check for bump_mapping and colour_lookup_spectra in materials.
Update perl modules to work with CMGUI without global variables.
Add image_resample computed field to commands.
No longer need to specify_width, specify_height, specify_depth or texture coordinate when working
using evaluate_image, the default values are retrieved from the source field.
Respect clear colour setting on spectrum when requesting rgb value.
Add support for bzip memory streams.
Each graphics window has its own interactive tools and settings of different interactive tools can now
be triggered using commands and apply to all current graphics windows.
Add gfx define font to allow font objects to be created and most
importantly to allow the default font to be redefined.
List the total number when nodes or elements are listed with gfx list node.
Allow the font to be specified when creating a colour_bar.
Allow a colour bar to be created for a specific data component.
Cmgui-wx now remember the directory where you previously open the file from.
Add a spectrum_settings that uses computed_fields to calculate the colour tranformation.
Add Option_table_add_help and try this function with the compose computed field.
Fix a bug passing the array of variables for matches and tidy up the regular expressions.
Fix a memory leak with the swizzle string for the material dependent texture program.
Node viewer now allows user to show variables from all fields at the same time.

18 December 2006
Shifted to externally visible subversion server.
Added Cmiss_scene_viewer_set_depth_of_field and Cmiss_scene_viewer_get_depth_of_field.
Add Cmiss_scene_viewer_set_background_texture_info.
Fix bug calling get_FE_element_dimension when there is no element.
Fix bug in derivative computed field.
Stop segfault if source field not specified for derivative computed field.
Add a natural logarithm computed field "log".
Registered command for threshold filter computed field
Changes for initial support for WX_USER_INTERFACE and conversion of files to C++.
Enable element_tool and element_point_tool without dialog in all versions.

5 October 2006
Added colour_lookup_spectrums to materials for doing colour space transformations
in the graphics hardware.

30 August 2006
Started adding in ITK.

29 August 2006
Changed internal structure of Computed_fields to use a C++ class rather than
imitating this in C with function pointers. Reduced the number of virtual methods by
consolidating the set/get functions with a generic location rather than separate
functions for nodes and elements.
Removed legacy image processing computed fields as we plan to replace them with ITK.
Fix some typos where data groups propogated incorrectly to the node parent.

Enabled emoter to work without motif gui and enabled command only version for all non
motif builds.
Internally renamed Control_curve to just Curve.

Support the OpenGL extension GL_ARB_texture_non_power_of_two and delay the
expansion of textures that are not power of two till render time so it can be
avoided when not required.
Add support for conversion of lines (isolines) to node points in "gfx convert graphics".
Fix for reading in of wavefront obj files.

Added node_offset/data_offset to gfx read nodes and data respectively.
Added node_offset, element_offset, face_offset and line offset to gfx read elements.
Added generate_faces_and_lines to gfx read elements.
Calculate winding order left or right handed at element centres for isosurfaces.
Added string_constant computed field.
Change equal_to computed_field so that it can operate on string values if either
field is defined but does not have numerical components.
Use CMISS_EXAMPLES environment variable to determine where the example tree is
rather than the Cmgui motif/X setting file.

Removed computed variables by default. To put it back in change USE_COMPUTED_VARIABLES to true in the makefile or by specifying it on the make command line.
Added new texture wrap modes edge_clamp_wrap, border_clamp_wrap and
mirrored_repeat_wrap from recent versions of OpenGL.
Fixed problems with methods not being fully set correctly for some computed fields.
Changes to support streamlines in tetrahedral meshes.
Changes to support isosurface generation in tetrahedral meshes.
Added code so that triangles for isosurfaces are generated with a consistent winding
order even in meshes which have inconsistent lefthanded and righthanded coordinate systems.
Fixed to grid point evaluation.
Allowing streamlines to be seeded from the nodes in a region.

Large speed improvements for "gfx select nodes" and "gfx select elements".
Get regions to cache get_next_element_id so that it can be kept over multiple commands.
Image resampling improvements.
Started 'gfx export cm'
Reenabled automatic monochrome storage of images.
Added a weighting field to "gfx create snake".
Added a few more logical operators for less_than, greater_than and equal_to in computed fields.

Fix comfile script: cmgui-2.1/
Added support for fitting multiple fields with "gfx create snake"
Began "gfx export cm" to write files for the old cm.
Added gfx convert elements (and changed the old gfx convert to be gfx convert graphics) which converts one form of elements to another. The only conversion I have implemented so far is the conversion of any 2D element surfaces to true toplevel 2D bicubic hermite elements. The cross-derivatives are not correct and need to think about how to fix this.

Fixed gfx unselect data.
Fixed contour bands on iso_surfaces.
Fixed code for allocation of large arrays to use long ints where necessary.
Added code so that node changes propogate through a nodal_lookup computed field to a computed_field change.
Fixed a couple of bugs in cmgui with the scene editor and an iso_values list.
Many minor fixes of leaks or use of uninitialised values as detected by the new valgrind testing.

Added glyph functionality to create graph axes
Added first pass at iso_surface_decimation.
Added a new coordinate system where objects are displayed relative to screen coordinates.

First open source release. License updated to Mozilla Public License.
Lots of tidying up.