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Introduction to cmgui

cmgui is part of CMISS. Some of the main parts are field storage, 3D visualisation and a mathematical field abstraction layer.

Migrating to new versions:

Some of the changes in recent versions of cmgui will cause some old commands to break - changes may need to be made to some old command files. Below are links to documents detailing these changes.

Details of the changes in the cmgui 2.9 update and how to adapt to them can be found on the Migrating to cmgui 2.9 page.

There were some changes in the cmgui 2.8 update. Details of these changes and how to adapt to them can be found on the Migrating to cmgui 2.8 page.

If you are a new user see the wiki page on Getting started with CMGUI or Using CMGUI.

Full list of cmgui commands.

Go to the wiki.

Go to the forum.

Go to the tracker where bugs and feature requests are filed.

cmgui is an open source project licensed primarily with the Mozilla Public License.
There is a sourceforge project for this software including source and binary executables.

The public subversion source code repository is at

Stable releases of the software can be downloaded from our release centre.

Selected development versions listed by source revision can be downloaded here.

Go to the examples

Go to the examples with thumbnails

Change Log for past releases.

The core engine of Cmgui is the OpenCMISS-Zinc Library, documentation for which can be found here.

Contributing to this site

Please add to the wiki any relevant information that you think might be useful to other users of this website. For example, you might like to contribute your experiences, questions and answers.

You are encouraged to contribute to this site regardless of your level of experience. Contributions are welcomed from new and regular visitors.

If you ask a question and receive an answer from a developer you should record it in the wiki. This information is extremely useful and can help other users overcome the same problem.

See how to add and edit pages for more information.