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Using cmgui

Some of the changes in recent versions of cmgui will cause some old commands to break - changes may need to be made to some old command files. Below are links to documents detailing these changes.

Details of the changes in the upcoming cmgui 2.9 update and how to adapt to them can be found on the Migrating to cmgui 2.9 page.

There were some changes in the cmgui 2.8 update. Details of these changes and how to adapt to them can be found on the Migrating to cmgui 2.8 page.

cmgui user documentation

Using cmgui: The Command Window

Using cmgui: The Scene Editor Window

Using cmgui: The Graphics Window

Using cmgui: Material Editor

Using cmgui: The Spectrum Editor Window

Using cmgui: Graphics

cmgui Fields

The cmgui EX format guide: exnode and exelem files

cmgui Architecture

Visualizing fields at points using glyphs

Visualizing fields using lines and cylinders

Visualizing element fields using surfaces

Visualizing element fields using iso-surfaces


cmgui environment variables

Some recipes for specific tasks

If you want to make flypath movie frames that zoom in or out smoothly - cmgui

Creating an AVI from a series of images - Windows

Viewing Gauss Point Information In cmgui

Printing large images from cmgui

Writing out field values to a file from cmgui

Reordering elements by xi