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Move the muscles

Because I didn't fix the attachment points when I was fitting the sclera and the muscles, after they are fitted, the muscles is not attached to the sclera and has a gap between the two. To fix this, I had manually move the muscles so the ends are touching the surface of the sclera.

  1. Read in the node and element file of the surface_fitted_sclera.
  2. Offset the nodes, elements, lines and faces using {gfx change_identifier node_offset 1000 element_offset 1000 face_offset 1000 line_offset 1000}
  3. Read in the muscle that I want to reposition. (because the muscle volume is generated with Shane's perl script, I need to use gfx read element generate_lines_and_faces )
  4. Draw nodal points and surfaces to the objects.
  5. Double click on Nodes, and check "modify" so that the node points can be moved and multiple nodes selected so the whole face can move to touch the sclera.

6) Save the modified fitted muscles.