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cmgui development process

This document is intended to outline the process developers use for making changes to cmgui source.

  • A new idea, bug or proposal is begun by creating a corresponding item

    in the tracker.

  • Preferably a period of time should then be allowed for other people

    to comment and contribute to the discussion (although there is a reasonable amount of discretion especially if the change is small or urgent).

  • Code is committed and the corresponding tracker item mentioned in

    the commit message and then a comment posted in the tracker stating the commit revision.

  • An example demonstrating and testing the fix or feature should be

    added or an existing example modified (if improved by doing so) if possible.

  • The initial submitter should then be encouraged to "resolve" the

    item if they accept that it is resolved.

  • If there are any unforseen consequences then the item can be

    reopened while these are being resolved.