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flypath movie frames

If you are trying to animate a movie from one viewpoint to another in cmgui then this attachment could be helpful....

To find out where your start and finish points are, enter into the CMISS command window: "gfx list win 1 comm" and the corresponding eye_point, interest_point, up_vector and view_angle will be given. (Other details will be given too - but these are the ones that need specifying in the .com file)

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Supplementary Notes for consists of two subroutines. The first of these is called write_frame and simply writes out a single frame in sgi format. The name of the produced file is specified in the variable $file_name which is inside the write_frame subroutine.

The second subroutine you will see is called flypath and is called as follows:
flypath(&write_frame, 1, 100, @start, @finish, @midpoint);

This requires 6 inputs. The first of these is the name of the previously mentioned subroutine. The second and third inputs are the first and last frame number you wish to produce respectively. The remaining three inputs are start, finish and midpoints of the flypath. The mid point is not necessary and can be omitted. If this is done then the fly path is linear between the start and finish points.