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Using VMware to build ZINC produces software which allows the set up of a virtual machine on your computer. The virtual machine is run by using VMware player which runs a VM file and simulates a stand alone computer, complete with operating system. VMware provides a selection of free virtual disk images of some common pre-configured operating systems. This allows us to do things like start a virtual machine running windows XP while on a computer running ubuntu linux.

There are several advantages to using a virtual machine over other options. It allows you to have both a windows and linux development environment on your machine. Even better, you can start the VM up without shutting down your current operating system (as you have to do with a dual boot system).

When releasing zinc, it should be built for a number of machine architectures including: 32 bit linux, 64 bit linux and 32 bit windows. To build the windows version requires access to either a windows machine or using a virtual machine running windows. The second option allows you more control over your environment and also has the added advantage that you can take the windows version with you if you have a laptop.

To build zinc for windows first follow the instructions for Setting up a VMware enviroment Then follow the instructions for building zinc using vmware.