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Unemap is a product consisting of specialised hardware and software used for signal acquisition, anaylsis and mapping of cardiac electrical signals.

Currently there are a number of international research groups using Unemap to acquire data about electrical activation in the heart. This is done by opening the chest cavity and placing literally hundreds of electrodes on the surface of a beating heart. A large number of cables feed from the electrodes into a small crate of circuit boards and then into a signal acquisition machine. This machine is controlled by a linux machine running Unemap. Once the signals have been acquired the analysis and mapping is done using only the software. This means there are research groups which use just the software side of Unemap, to analyse data obtained by other researchers. The acquisation stage is usually quite short and users spend far more time using Unemap to extract useful information from the signals. Once the analysis stage is completed, the signals are then mapped in some way to give a useful visual representation of the information.

David Bullivant takes care of the software development side of things. David Budgett heads up the hardware development team.

For more information see

Note that there is a version of cmgui built that contains some of the Unemap functionality (cmgui-unemap). This executable allows meshes to be loaded up along side graphs of signals. An example which uses the cmgui-unemap executable is

Currently this example seems to seg fault every time it is run.