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Host mesh customisation - making my model sit

Host mesh customisation

To customise the VM model to a subject I used host mesh customisation. I basically took the skin mesh and used this as my slave mesh (with a simple rectangular host mesh). I then applied the deformation to the muscles and transformed the bones using a least squares approach. I did this whole process twice - first to customise my model to my subject in the standing position, and then to articulate my standing model to the sitting position.

<a href="">This file</a> is what I ran for each muscle to do the customisation. It gets a bit time consuming to do it over and over again (if you have a lot of muscles like I did) so I also have a perl script <a href=""></a> to run it which reads in a list of the <a href="new_xi_muscles.txt">muscles</a> to be customised and a list of the <a href="new_xi_offset.txt">offsets</a>.

There are a whole lot of files associated with this customisation, hopefully you can find them all below they should be in the order in which they are called by the com file) but if I've missed something then let me know.

<a href="host_mesh.ippara">host_mesh.ippara</a>

<a href="two.ipregi">two.ipregi</a>

<a href="volume.ipbase">volume.ipbase</a>

<a href="host_2.ipnode">host_2.ipnode</a>

<a href="host_2.ipelem">host_2.ipelem</a>

<a href="left_adductor_brevis_fitted.ipnode">muscle.ipnode</a>

<a href="left_adductor_brevis_fitted.ipelem">muscle.ipelem</a>

<a href="transformation.TRN">transformation.TRN</a>

<a href="trans_leg_landmark.ipdata">trans_leg_landmark.ipdata</a>

<a href="trans_leg_target.ipdata">trans_leg_target.ipdata</a>

<a href="host_2.ipfit">host_2.ipfit</a>