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Working with scenes

Scenes are an earlier attempt in cmgui to get a heirarchy of graphics
objects. Normally you use a single scene attached to a scene viewer. You can however create as many new scenes as you want. These are independent and are either manual (you draw only the things you want in them) or automatic (empty_g_element, invisible_g_element, g_element_lines) where any new regions (or groups) added into your program are added in.
Any scene_viewer can then be pointed to look at your new scene rather than the
default scene.
You can also create a heirarchy of scenes by drawing any scene into any
other scene using gfx draw.
A big flaw in all of this is that if you use regions and create a
heirarchy of finite elements, you have to reproduce this independently in scenes to get a sensible behaviour. Instead the graphics settings could attach directly to the scene heirarchy.