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Cmgui library maintenance


Sometimes changes to various packages installed on your system through the update system may result in cmgui no longer building. The changes to packages may have introduced incompatibilities with some of the libraries cmgui relies on. When this happens you can often fix the problem by rebuilding various libraries.

Image libraries

When compiling cmgui I received an error relating to the -lgdcm option which required me to rebuild my image libraries (the compiler complained about the -lgdcmCMwrapper option).

To rebuild the image libraries under linux do the following.

Change into where you have your image libraries:

cd $CMISS/cmgui/image_libraries

Update to the latest libraries in the subversion repository:

svn update

Remove existing libraries:

rm -r i686-linux
rm -r lib

If wanting to rebuild image magick, also remove the image magick libraries, eg:

rm -r imagemagick/ImageMagick-6.4.2

Make the libraries (If just wanting to rebuild image magick still do this from the image_libraries directory, as otherwise patches will not be applied):


Your image libraries will now be rebuilt.


If using Mesa for your OpenGL implementation you may need to keep the Mesa libraries up to date as well. Some older versions of Mesa and even the current development versions can cause cmgui/zinc to crash. In extreme cases problems with your OpenGL drivers can result in your xserver crashing, requiring you to reboot your machine. For more info on building Mesa see Building Mesa library.