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zinc from source

cmgui make -f cmgui.make cmgui-gtk TARGET=static_lib OPT=true

perl interpreter make OPT=1 INCLUDE_PERL=1

  • To build ZINC you need a Mozilla source tree. I am going to use Mozilla-1.7.3 and make a gtk2 build.

    • To build you setup a mozconfig file. I have attached the one I used.

      <a href="mozilla-1.7.3-i686-linux-gtk2.mozconfig">mozilla-1.7.3-i686-linux-gtk2.mozconfig</a>

    • To make issue this instruction in the root of the mozilla source:

      setenv MOZCONFIG /product/cmiss/mozilla/mozilla-1.7.3/mozilla-1.7.3-i686-linux-gtk2.mozconfig
      make -f build
      make -f install
  • Put the path to the installed pkg files into your PKG_CONFIG_PATH:

    setenv PKG_CONFIG_PATH /product/cmiss/mozilla/i686-linux/mozilla-1.7.3-gtk2/lib/pkgconfig/
  • Build zinc:

  • To make an installable xpi:

    make packages

    To use that just go "File->Open" from a mozilla and point it at the file built into the install directory.

  • If you install it will put it into your mozilla build that you built against:

    make install