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CMGUI release process

To maintain the quality of the public release of cmgui, the following criteria should be fulfilled:

Ideally we should have a feature release every three months. Ideally all the examples should be passing. At least the outstanding problems should be well understood. Some warning should be given to the cmgui-developers list to allow contributors to be extra careful with commits. We should update the version in cmgui/source/cmgui.Makefile, update the release notes, changelog, the README and INSTALL if necessary. Should also include the svn revision of the current release in the release notes. Create a tag in the source repository. Increment the version number in cmgui/source/cmgui.Makefile again, so that developers versions have a version past the release.

Currently we release the following binary versions: i386-win32 cmgui-wx i686-linux cmgui-wx x86-64-linux cmgui-wx and the corresponding source tarball. These are all zipped with bz2 except i386-win32 cmgui-wx which is zipped with zip. The zipped package should include the corresponding binary version and the following document from the source repository: README, INSTALL, release notes and changlog.

These are uploaded to the cmiss sourceforge project: and to the release centre: .