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Viewing gauss point information in cmgui

This is a note for someone who might be trying to visualise gauss point stress/strain or strain invariants....

I wanted to visualise gauss point stresses and strains in cmgui to look at their distribution through the body I was deforming.

So in cm I go:

fem update gauss stress
fem export gauss;stress yg as stress
fem update gauss strain
fem export gauss;strain yg as strain

Now you can read these two exdata files into cmgui and use the spectrum option to visualise the data. I found that I screw up the data range on the spectrum editor if I accidentally choose to use the spectrum for both datasets at the same time. When you click Auto arrange on the spectrum editor, I get the wrong range. So, when I delete one of the data groups from memory, I thought that the range would become ok. But it didn't. My immediate solution to the problem is to just load one data set at a time.