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future improvements to the digitiser

Possible features to add

  • In the view scene window be able to turn off all nodes except the ones on the digitise slice AND the extra slice (currently the nodes on the extra slice are also switched off along with the others).
  • Toggle visibility of different node groups separately.
  • Model loading and editing. It would be useful to load fitted/initial model geometry files and turn on derivative editing as in the cmgui example. Then one could manually craft the mesh with the images in view and save the mesh.
  • xml specification of filter pipelines. As well as the standard filter pipelines, it could be good to allow the user to specify their own custom pipelines through editing the settings xml file
  • Button to bring up command data window. This would be useful when helping sort out user issues on the release version, as well as providing a way to add functionality between releases. For example if someone needs to do something a little bit customised I can write the commands for them and email it to them to execute in the command window. They could even save the commands in a com file which could be opened from within the command window.
  • Button to swap digitise slice and extra slice over. DONE