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mac version of zinc

The following instructions are from Shane and relate to getting the mac version of zinc working.

  1. Build mozilla on bioeng46 (the imac)

I think that Firefox should be rebuilt in /hpc/cmiss/zinc/mozilla

You will see that there are already builds in that source for linux.

/hpc/cmiss/zinc/mozilla/mozilla-i686-linux/ and /hpc/cmiss/zinc/mozilla/mozilla-x86_64-linux/

You just need to make a new directory, /hpc/cmiss/zinc/mozilla/mozilla-i386-32-darwin/ Copy and edit the path in the mozconfig-firefox file from one of the previous builds, set your MOZCONFIG environment variable to the /hpc/cmiss/zinc/mozilla/mozilla-i386-32-darwin/mozconfig-firefox file and then do a 'make -f build' in the /hpc/cmiss/zinc/mozilla dir.

  1. Get my merged zinc up to date

The one that we want to use is in /people/blackett/zinc-mac-merge/zinc

We want it to end up in /hpc/cmiss/zinc/zinc-i386-32-darwin

Unfortunately the svn client I used when doing the work is version 1.4.3 and so you need a version at least a recent as that to use svn in that directory. At the moment it just complains. We do need to do an update (and get it so we can do updates on that directory on bioeng46). Either by upgrading the svn client on bioeng46 or by exporting the files when they are up to date and then overwriting a check out on bioeng46.

  1. Get it to compile
Shouldn't be too hard. It should be using the cmgui-carbon-static-lib version of cmgui libraries.
  1. Merge in the Mac funny business.

The mac requires files to be laid out in a particular way for plugins and executables.

The in /hpc/cmiss/mozCmgui-i386-32-darwin/zinc does the right thing for the plugin.

  1. Now you should be able to run it on the mac and keep it up to date.

6. Commit and make sure changes still compile on linux and win32. This shouldn't be too hard with this version.

  1. The cmissmake script is already trying to do a make all in /hpc/cmiss/zinc/zinc-i386-32-darwin

8. Make equivalent mozilla and zinc builds for ppc mac in /hpc/cmiss/zinc/zinc-ppc-32-darwin