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Fit the zonules

Zonules are very fine fibres (4 - 7nm) that extend from the ciliary processes to the lens. They hold the lens in its upright position.

Once I have digitised some zonules in the visiblehuman dataset, I had to fit the datapoints into 1D elements using 'gfx create snake'

Examples of using the snake command can be found in the example pages, "snake": and "fit vessels using snake":

  • ** Steps for fitting the zonules are as follows: **
    • file was created, it reads in the zonules.exdata and the segments.txt file.
    • segments.txt contains the nodal points used to generate each segment. Each new line of the text file represents a new segment. The sequence of the nodal points indicate the direction of the segment as it is generated.
    • Once the zonules are generated in cmgui, and we see that they are correct from the graphics window, the new_curve is exported and saved as exelem and exnode.

Unless I fixed the two ends, otherwise the zonules will probably move after fitting and not touch the lens, therefore can manually move the zonules in cmgui so they are touching. write them out again once done.

<a href="zonules.exdata">zonules.exdata</a>

<a href="segments.txt">segments.txt</a>

<a href=""></a>