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Alans notes

This page contains information of the project of developing cross-platform cmgui (cmgui-wx).

Currently working on:

Material editor and some tracker items.

Transferring the data from pcNG to BugZilla will probably take more time than expected.

To be done:

Create a windows built cmgui-wx with Cygwin or Visual Studio... etc.

Modify Spectrum Editor, add in material editor and transformation widgets. Enable offscreen buffers under win32 platform. Fix some more memoryleak that not tested by current examples. Resolve problem with the wxGLContext problem reported in tracker item 550.

Things that I have done:

As follow:


Update Mesa to 7.0.2 for most of the nightly build platform.

Fix cannot print/save as problem under windows, however it still has a problem with non-square aspect image. Create a hidden wxGLCanvas, so the Sharedcontext will not be deleted until termination of the cmgui application.


Adds in time editor, partially enable offscreen buffering of the cmgui-wx.

Adds in the time dependent rotation with quaternion. Enables order independent transparency for both windows and linux (extension of order independent transparency in cmgui was created by Shane). Fixed a number of bugs and memoryleaks found previously.


Adds in Spectrum Editor for cmgui-wx.

Adds save all and write out comfile function.


Fixed most of the memoryleaks, Cmgui-wx runs successfully in windows XP and Vista.

Fix bugs found in the scene editor. Update Valgrind to 3.2.3. Build and test x86_64-linux/cmgui-wx nightly. Improve the GLCanvas in cmgui-wx on Linux.


Added the element point editor to cmgui-wx, fixed lots of user interfacing issues, including resizing of the node viewer, command window does not resize the scrollbar accordingly and etc.

wxWidgets library is now updated to 2.8.4. Minor changes will be made to the valgrind test as it cannot suppress some functions very well, I will also start looking at improving the spectrum editor of the cmgui.


With help from Shane, cmgui-wx-debug-valgrind test is now added into overnight examples testings. And I am currently working on minimising the number of memory leaks found by the valgrind testing. wxWidgets library in the bioeng21(ppc-32-darwin), bioeng46(i386-32-darwin) and bioeng22(i386-glibc23-linux & i386-mingw32msvc) is now updated to 2.8.3 from 2.8.0.


Node viewer is now implemented into cmgui-wx, a new layout is used, user can view different field variables at the same time.

About Box is also added under help in the command window.



Node viewer is currently being implemented, a new layout will be used to show the parameters.

Fixed iso-values text box in the scene editor.

Shane has fixed examples testing problems and cmgui-wx is now ran overnight in the server to test all cmgui examples.

Added scrolled bar to the graphics window -> interactive tool panel.


GFX commands is now corresponding with the graphics window interactive tools.

Element creator is now put into the node tool.

Added new gfx modify commands, which enable user to change settings on the node tool for different graphics window accordingly.

Added FE element text chooser.

Scene editor is now fully functional.

Open file dialog now filters out files with unwanted file extensions.

Open comfile will change the current directory to where the comfile is opened temporarily.

Fixed few segmentation faults when the cmgui-wx is closed.


Scene editor:

For cmgui-wx: Deleted volume from scene editor, list_chooser has been built by Shane. Enabled a number of scene settings, including settings for glyph,streamline,use element type, line width, radius scalar, iso scalar, label, discretization and seed xi.


Scene editor:

Added name text field, coordinate chooser, material chooser and select mode chooser.

Fixed segmentation fault when it is trying to delete the last item on the settings list.


Scene editor:

Added up and down button for scene object selection.

Added general settings.

Added graphical element settings list.

Added up, down, add and delete button for graphical element settings list.

Fixed initial size and sizing problem for command window, graphics window and scene editor.


Scene selection and scene object selection in the scene editor of the WX_CMGUI are now enabled.


WX-CMGUI can now read and write cmgui files using menubar on the command window.

Changes have been made in some of the dialog boxes on the graphics window (From wxComboBox to wxChoice).

Splitter is now added into command window(as it was in the motif version) and graphics window (To adjust the size of the display and the tools).


Interactive tools now appear as part of the graphics_window instead of appearing as another pop-up window.

Fixed the output text box in the command window (Changed from wxListBox to wxTextCtrl).


Command window and graphics window of wxWdgets version of CMGUI is now partially functional.

Free spinning of the object can be triggered with a single click.

Currently writing code to put the pop-up interactive tools window into the graphics window.


Mr Shane Blackett wrote some codes and now the wxWidgets version of CMGUI can display the commands on the terminal and I will try to write some codes to make them displayed in the command history window as well.

Things that I have done:


At the moment, CMGUI can only be run using Linux due to the current widget set is not implemented into other systems. Mr Shane Blackett is currently setting a wxWidgets version of cmgui and I will be assisting him.

Hopefully, I will get the following items of cmugi rewritten with "WxWidgets": in the following few months:

First -- Command Windows,

Second -- Grpahic Windows,

Third -- Scene Editor

and -- hopefully more will be done.

Also see description of WxWidgets in wikipedia. : and other "cross platform widget toolsets.":