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Richard's notes

Things that I am working on

  • Completing region implementation (see Development Ideas below)
  • FieldML - requirements gathering (dependency on regions).


"Cmgui tracker items":

"My tracker items":

"FieldML specification tracker":

CMGUI Development Proposals

Other CMGUI Ideas

  • Remove evaluation of element derivatives from Computed field APIs. Prefer a separate field; can possibly specify field the derivative is with respect to.
  • Stop writing function name in display_message and ENTER() macro, as these are wrong much of the time. Use __FUNCTION__ or __func__ instead - possibly done automatically by failure reporting Macros. Determine if ENTER() and LEAVE() are needed / possible uses?
  • Possibly create object for recording failure messages, capable of collating multiple identical messages, handling multiple threads, able to be inspected by dialogs and zinc applications for custom presentation of warnings.
  • Built-in tests. It occurred to me that we could build test code into the main cmgui executable and invoke it with a 'gfx test ...' command, or even run it automatically in the background. Reasoning: (1) Tests are guaranteed to be built and more likely to be run on others' OS configurations; could even be an installation step (2) Can test non-exported functions on the final executable (3) Test code overhead likely to remain small compared to current executable sizes; if that changes we can at least say we have lots of tests! Note I see this as more suitable for small/unit tests, not "big data" stress tests.

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