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Cmgui 2.8.0 released

Cmgui 2.8.0 released

Cmgui 2.8.0 has now been released, we have made a number of improvements in this release.

Here is the change log:

ABI internal users may already be using the new version from /hpc/cmiss/bin

The executables can also be found on our software release center at

Please read the following page for information about migrating from an older version of Cmgui to 2.8.0:

We have also greatly improved the cmgui APIs for people wanting to develop their own applications using parts of the Cmgui functionality.
Documentation for the APIs can be found at

If you have any question regarding Cmgui, please visit our forum at

Please take note that we have provided both zip and installer version for the Cmgui2.8.0 on windows, the installer may ask for administrator right on Windows7. Please use the zip version of Cmgui if you do not have administrator rights on your machine.