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New Features

Several new features have been added to the site.
Many new features and user requests have been applied to the site. These include
  • New multiple file upload tool. Go to the desination directory and click the "upload files" tab. Java plugin required. FTP is still available too.
  • Added a porlet type. This enables users to put content in the  left and right columns. The portlets are very configurable, eg can just show the portlet in specific folders.
  • Added another alternative online editor that resembles MS Word in its look and feel. Available in user prefrences.
  • Subscription to site content service has been added. Just click on the icon that looks like a letter to subscribe to a page, or if in a folder to the folder contents. You can edit your subscriptions and make folder watching include all subfolders too. The best way to keep up to the minute with site changes.
  • The subtopics listings on wiki pages have been removed.
  • Fixed wiki pages so that they now appear in the recent changes list. Only logged in members see this list.