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ZINC is a browser plugin that embeds the cmgui visualisation engine.

ZINC has recently been completely re-written as an NPruntime plugin, replacing the old Firefox extension. This plugin should work on a range of browsers (Firefox, Opera, Google Chrome, Safari) and a range of operating systems. This re-write will also move it more in line with current best practices for plugin development.

See tracker item 1354 for more information regarding the development of ZINC NPruntime.

ZINC History

ZINC Road map

Program flow for a Zinc NPRuntime application

Build Instructions

Download & Install

First Download the ZINC plugin.

After following these instructions, ZINC NPruntime should run on both Firefox and Google Chrome.

For 32bit/64bit Linux Users:

Copy to mozilla "plugins" folder. This folder is generally located in ~/.mozilla directory.

If the plugins folder does not exist in the mozilla folder, create the plugins folder and copy into it.

To uninstall, simply remove from the plugins folder.

For Windows users:

Execute ZincPluginInstallation.msi to install. User can choose the Custom option to select directory for the installation.

To uninstall, go to Start -> All Programs -> zinc-plugins -> Uninstall zinc-plugins.


Make sure there is no other Zinc installed on your Firefox and Google Chrome. Please restart Firefox or Google Chrome after the installation.

Opening the example:

To run the example, simply open the html file in the example folder included in this package. Please make sure there is no other Zinc install on your Firefox or Google Chrome before opening the example.

Source code and examples

The source code is accessible and can be downloaded from here.

Examples are also available.


These are some of the applications developed using this plugin. Clicking on a link will run the application.

ECG_lab (Cmiss example ECG_lab, working)

Heart_vessels (Cmiss example a4, working)

Meshing_and_selection (Create two meshes on the fly, working)

Optimisation (Cmiss example optimisation, working)

fields_testing: (Test and output fields)

time: (Cmiss example time, working but slider only works on browser supporting html5 slider)

Bugs & Suggestions

Please submit bugs and suggestions into the Tracker

Zinc0.6.x.x and older

To see the documentation of the older versions of Zinc, please visit: Zinc0.6.x.x and older