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CMISS (cm) Tutorials

These CMISS tutorials give an introduction to the structure of CMISS commands, general syntax, and the underlying structure. Tutorial 1 gives a general overview on how CMISS is started on a Unix machine. Tutorials 2-5 give general demonstrations of Finite Element Techniques, and Tutorial 6 demos Boundary Element Techniques. Further information is given in the <A href="/documentation/course_notes/fembem_notes/" target="new">FEM/BEM Notes</A> that describe the theory and algorithms underpinning these examples.
  • Tutorial 1: The basic functionality of CMISS.
  • Tutorial 2: Finite element meshes and CMISS.
  • Tutorial 3: CMISS and the Finite Element Method for solving partial differential equations.
  • Tutorial 4: Solving linear elasticity problems using CMISS.
  • Tutorial 5: Performing modal analyses using CMISS.
  • Tutorial 6: The Boundary Element Method and CMISS.