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Agenda 28 November 2005

Meeting to be held 11am 28 November 2005

  1. How many meetings are we going to have each week?

  2. Contributions. What existing projects and research may give ideas, indicate directions or directly contribute to this project?

    We need to do some research and investigation.

    What criteria should we use in answering the following questions?

    • Which projects can we and do we want to use directly?
    • Which projects are worth investigating further for ideas and directions?

    Who is going to do the investigation?

  3. Resourcing. Employing new staff. Who do we need? What skills will we require?

  4. Future Meetings.

    1. Development framework. How are we going to develop code? What documentation systems, bug systems, code management systems do we want to employ?
    2. Starting work.