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Minutes 5 February 2007

Present: Travis, Shane, Karl, Jagir.

Multiprocess example output

  • Multiprocess examples can give different output due to the outputting of partitioning in the gmv files. The variation can be avoided by setting GMVIO.partitioning() to false.

loadleveler pools (AIX)

  • loadleveler pools needed an IP route from the compute node back to the issuing node, and now seems to work well.

LibMesh CellML integration

  • Travis will look at using Jagir's CellML framework soon (currently getting a cylinder to work).
  • Jagir proposed defining an XML file standard that solvers can use to provide information (questions, default answers, and actions) to the CellML integration wizard.
    • Shane expressed concerned that this involves more work than necessary.
  • Shane pointed out that a batch mode would be useful. Jagir says that the wizard could made to run in a batch mode.