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Minutes 8 January 2007

Present: Travis, Shane, Karl, Peter, Jagir.


  • Travis has been doing a lot of tidying.

Stomach and intestines with Aliev model.

  • Travis has a few meshes
  • Aliev (modified Fitz-Hugh-Nagumo) model
    • Slow variable handled with System::add_vector
    • Recovery rate varies over space

BoomerAMG from Hypre through PETSc

  • Travis is solving a small problem - haven't yet tried a larger problem.
  • Needed some changes to PetscLinearSolvers

Transfering data from cm

  • Travis has made some changes to cm export so that it is in a format that can be converted with his scripts to a LibMesh MeshData format.

64-bit AIX

  • Shane has built LibMesh/PETSc for this configuration.
  • Now checking examples.


  • Problem with ssh host keys.

Bidomain Class

  • Need to look at whether this is derived from EquationSystems or something derives from System or something else or if we just use EquationSystems as is.

Mixed Physics problems

  • Should we look at first order systems of least squares?

Material base vectors from angles

  • A second diffusion example seems a good place to introduce these.