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Minutes 16 January 2006

Meeting held 11am 16 January 2006

Present: Carey, Karl, Shane, Poul, Travis, Martyn, Greg

Apologies: Andre

General: Shane not sure that we actually committed to some language choices, and would like to be sure we have a language that supports methods. Will write something further later in the week. Need to document what we can and can't do in particular languages and why we chose them. Function pointers in fortran seems to be an issue, is supported in fortran 2003, and is implemented in IBM XL Fortran 10.1. Do we want object oriented or object based?

Travis to have a look at sparse matrix packages available, see what languages they use.

Need to define the scope of this issue too - computation? data structures?

1 Starting work : Data structures.

Catch up with where Poul and Shane have got to.

This wiki has some descriptions of the cmgui data structures and cm field parameters

Poul: gave some explanation and has created a document that will be posted online. We will get together again later in the week for Poul to present his work. Scheduled for Thursday at 11am.

Some discussion of the use of computed fields/variables - we will not use this in the first instance.

2 Development framework.

  • How are we going to develop code?
  • What documentation systems, bug systems, code management systems do we want to employ?

3 Future Meetings.

  • Field operators: Should we have mathmatical operators at a low field level?