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Minutes 13 March 2007

Present: Shane, Jagir, Travis, Karl.

hpc (AIX)

  • example testing
    • Shane had to put things into Makefile to handle special cases for poe.
      • Could shift up to perl scripts but makes it harder to get things working from command line.
      • Could include a global file.
        • Where to put this file?
  • LibMesh compilation failing with can't cast Node* to unsigned int.

Travis solving big problems

  • The function 'update' is slowing things down on hpc presumably due to communication (but it is a shared memory system). 3 seconds per call. Everything else is about the same speed as cm.


  • Jagir looking at converting cellml descriptions to solver description for interfacing cell models with solvers.
  • Travis has set up a class for cell models that enables dynamic binding to enable run-time selection from compiled cell models.

Karl says farewell.

Next meeting Mon 11:30.