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Major Discussion Issues

List of Problems that Need Discussion

  • MeshData or EquationSystems can both be used (only one tested) but which strategy provides the best approach.

    • MeshData


      • More Natural since we are simplifying defining data at grid locations
      • Simpler less heavyweight implementation


      • No interpolation
      • Few people use it so it may be buggy.
      • Only seems to work with UNV mesh format (not with xta for sure)
    • Equation Systems


      • Works with a variety of mesh types
      • Provides a natural means of interpolation
      • Used more frequently by libMesh developers so perhaps less buggy.
  • CellML implementation completed by Jagir

    • What is the status and can we get going soon on this?
  • Overall problem setup (reading in problem description)

    • Are we going to use a perl framework? python? just C++?
    • How will we use first bullet with this work? Translating all of old examples to new libMesh examples?
    • How will users run examples? Can we start thinking about this? It may help direct development of OpenCMISS.
  • Monodomain/Bidomain Class

    • Does it even make sense to create a new bidomain class or is it more natural to just use EquationSystems?
  • Parallel Mesh Class

    • While libmesh did not distribute the mesh (it was copied to each node) when we were evaluating it, this is currently being actively worked on by libmesh developers.