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Minutes 23 January 2006

Meeting to be held 11am 23 January 2006 Present: Shane, Andre, Karl, Poul, Travis Apologies: Peter, Greg, Martyn

General: We are going to meet at 11am next Tuesday because Monday is a holiday.

1 Minutes and documentation

  • Improving our communication and recording.

Shane: Suggest I try to take better minutes. We could make audio recordings of the meetings but there is doubt that it would be useful. Chris not the only one who would benifit from better documenting.

Carey: Proposed a vote of no confidence in himself taking the minutes - not taken seriously:-(

2 Data structures.

  • Review of FieldML presentation from Poul.
  • Will link to documents when Poul makes these available.

Shane has added the doucuments thus far to the wiki and has also started to comment on them.

  • Plan to meet Jan 31st deadline.

Shane has had some email discussion with Chris. Some discussion about the merits of maintaining multiple databases within a program more suited to different use areas. Not sure we understand some points Chris has made.

Shane wants to set a timeline for developing the data structures and his concerns include

  1. structures - need to be obvious programmers familiar with FEM
  2. implementation - cmgui's code be used as a starting point ad evolved toward what we are discussing in the FieldML document. Karl points out that it is already quite close except for ensombles.

Poul asks what do we do now? there are a few outstanding issues with the fieldml proposal.

Some discussion of the naming and the use of names to implicitly link objects and regions. More depth on these comments in the wiki. Some discussion on whether regions and ensembles can be represented with the same concept. Poul doesn't thinks so at this point. What about unique names for importing ensembles?

Poul skimmed over the changes he has made to the fieldml proposal, some discussion of the changes. Please refer to the annotation in the wiki page.

Shane is hoping to turn the fieldml proposal into an !IDL (Interface Definition Language) by next Tuesday. This will also help highlight issues.

Shane wants further discussion online in the wiki then have another meeting Thursday 11am.

3 Development framework.

  • Coding language
  • How are we going to develop code?
  • What documentation systems, bug systems, code management systems do we want to employ?

4 Future Meetings.