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Minutes 3 July 2006

Present: Shane, Karl, Travis, Mark.

An "audio recording": is available.

MPI Test problem proposal and implementation

  • Should we fix up cm?
    • There are at least 4 areas that could be fixed up
      • lines
      • faces
      • sparsity calculation
      • something in the solve that is not the linear solve and not the assembly.
    • No one present thinks fixing cm should be a priority, but Chris seemed to think it should be fixed.
    • If someone wants to fix up cm then there is no harm in doing so.
  • Should we set up a comparable grid-based fem problem?
    • Grid-based fem not as flexible as what libmesh provides.
    • Grid-based fem is what we would use for a reaction diffusion system.
    • Not sure how much work in changing a cell model to one with infinite resistance to turn a reaction diffusion system into a diffusion only system.
    • But can set up a different but similar problem to give an indication of time required to solve: monodomain problem with the simplest available cell model and simple Euler integration.

Libmesh and visualization

  • An exnode output format might be the first stage.

Selecting a package

  • Could spend up to a week looking into each of the other shortlisted packages.
  • Things we want to check with libmesh developers:
    • Cubic Hermite algorithms.
    • Embedded meshes.
    • Shane: non-linear mechanics.
    • Karl: possibly fibre angles for anisotropic solutions.
  • If libmesh is selected, need to set up a plan of how to build on it.

SUR cluster

  • (now) expected 30 July.


  • MPI job candidates
    • next stage seems to be getting more information and references.
  • development
    • Carey's replacement plan had been canned then reinstated but replaced with a replacement that might not be interested in cmiss.