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cmgui data structures

  • Cmiss Region

    • FE region

      Provides a scope within which fields, nodes and elements are unique. Holds lists of many of the data structures that can be shared between nodes and between elements Manages change logs for contained nodes and elements and callbacks for external objects interested in those changes.

      • FE field

        • Name

        • Type

        • Number of components

        • Coordinate system

        • Value type

        • Values storage

          Fields can store their own values (constant and indexed fields)

      • Nodes

        • Node field info
          • Node field
            • FE field
            • FE time sequence
            • versions/derivatives
          • FE region
        • Value storage
      • Element

        • Identifier

        • Element field info

          • Element field

            • FE field

            • Basis

              • Type
              • Blending matrix
              • Basis function pointers
              • Basis function arguments
            • Node to element map

            • Element field values

              These are a caching mechanism where the nodal values required to evaluate the basis functions on this element are stored to speed up multiple evaluations.

          • FE region

        • Element node scale field info

          • Nodes

          • Scale factors

          • Values storage

            Used for grid points

        • Element shape

          • dimension

          • type

            A definition of topology

          • faces

          • face normals

          • face to element matrix

            A matrix that converts xi coordinates in a face element to the element

        • Parent list

        • Faces

  • Computed fields

  • Computed variables