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Minutes 24 July 2006

Present: Shane, Karl, Peter, Poul, Travis, Greg.

An "audio recording": is available.


  • Want to contact developers.

    • Karl wants to talk about mesh parallelization
    • Want to talk about a test framework. Has it been thought about?
      • Shane doesn't see this as important as getting something working.
    • libmesh has already been used for reaction-diffusion. Could try to collaborate with these developers.
  • Problems to work on

    • Shane suggests duplicating existing cm examples.
      • Start with one example.
  • Test framework

    • Not much point developing unit tests for our code (using libmesh) if there are no unit tests in libmesh.

      • testing framework/examples?
      • visualisation
    • Easy enough to add complete problems using libmesh to our example tree.

    • Discussion over whether to have a separate tree for libmesh or to merge these examples in with similar problem types.

      • Peter prefers libmesh examples alongside cm examples.
      • Karl thought it was clearer to users to have separate trees.
  • Discussion over what type of code would be contributed to libmesh and what code we would keep separate but would just use the libmesh library.

    • based on level: e.g. basisfuncs in libmesh, problems separate.
    • also issues of when code is suitable (stable enough) to submit.

Greg: Interactive or batch style?

  • Shane can't see a good argument for an interactive interface.
    • C++ code is similar to com file code.
  • Poul: visualization requires interactive interface.
    • Shane: export from C++ code at appropriate stage, then use separate visualization program.

Peter will chase up code associated with Ed Vigmond.

How do we get PhD students using libmesh?