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Minutes 11 December 2006

Present: Travis, Jagir, Karl, Shane, Peter.

Meeting time

  • Shifting to 11:30 to work around CellML meetings running over.

Material base vectors from angles

  • Karl's Cardan/Euler rotations seem to be working.
  • Wants to include in parallel-monodomain code but this example is not passing tests.


  • Jagir developing a programming model to incorporate code generation, integration, etc.
    • Imagining a set of tools to generate some templates that programmers can fill in.
    • This would enable a more flexible system than the framework that is currently provided by CellML_DOM_API.

Transfering data from cm

  • Travis has made some changes to cm export so that it is in a format that can be converted with his scripts to a LibMesh MeshData format.


  • Shane will have a slide on opencmiss at the Institute retreat.