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Using Petsc

Configuring and Making Petsc on Various Systems

General Notes:

  • Preinstalled version of Petsc available in /usr/lib/petsc which should be used for all simulations using petsc.
  • Need python installed since the configure scripts are python programs.
  • Need mpi installed to do any parallel processing (naturally!)
  • Default implementation of libraries is to be NOT shared and NOT dynamic.
  • Default debugging is set to YES

Bioeng22 Configuration:

  • ./config/ --with-mpi-dir=/usr/lib/mpich

Bioeng Institute's hpc Configuration:

  • System Message: SEVERE/4 (<string>, line 24)

    Unexpected section title or transition.


Other Possible Configurations:

  • ./config/ --with-mpi-dir=/usr/lib/mpich --with-debugging=no

  • ./config/ --with-mpi-include=/usr/lib/mpich/include --with-mpi-lib=/usr/lib/mpich/lib (Specify differernt

    directories for include and lib.)

  • ./config/ --with-mpi=/usr/lib/mpich --with-mumps=yes (Test to see if mumps is there and if so try to use it.)

  • ./config/ --with-mpi=/usr/lib/mpich --with-shared=yes (Use shared libraries but causes problems on bioeng22 and hpc.

    You might need to use different flags to get this to work.)

  • ./config/ --with-mpi=/usr/lib/mpich --with-cpp=/usr/bin/g++


  • ./config/ --with-mpi=/usr/lib/mpich -CPP=/usr/bin/g++