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Minutes 6 March 2006

Meeting held 11am Monday 6 March 2006

Present: Carey, Karl, Peter, Andre, Poul, Greg, Travis

Apologies: Chris, Shane

An audio recording of the meeting can be "downloaded":

  • Data structures.

    • How to handle interaction of adjacent or contained subregions.

      Poul has looked at this and likes their approach, but it lacks details.

    • Examples from Poul.

    A few simple examples were presented by Poul on the white board - hopefully these will make it to the web later...but for now some asci art of what was drawn on the white board.


An Ensemble

name: dimension: n children: ensemble(dimension=n) boundary: ensemble (dimension=(n-1)) links:

eg. A single element

p1 o----------o p2
name:e1 dimension:1 children:{} boundary:{p1,p2} links:{}

eg. Connected elements

p1 o-----------o------------o p3


p1 o------o p2 p2 o-----------o p3

name:e12 dimension:1 children:{e1, e2} boundary:{p1, p3} links{{p1, e1.p1}

{p2, e1.p2} {p2, e2.p1} {p3, e2.p2}}


  • Where is shared data stored? Distributed database?