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Agenda 5 December 2005

Meeting to be held 11am 5 December 2005

  • Contributions. What existing projects and research may give ideas, indicate directions or directly contribute to this project?

  • What role are dynamic languages going to play?

    • Is all distributed memory communication going to happen below the API available to dynamic languages or is the flexibility and ease of programming dynamic languages a useful asset in developing communication algorithms?

      How does the performance penalty of not using a systems language compare with the time involved in transferring data between machines?

  • System-level language for coding - Fortran 90, Fortran 2003, C, C++, or a combination.

    • How does the compiler support for each language compare?
    • How do the debugging utilities for each language compare?
    • Are available programmer skills an issue?
    • Is one language going to provide better productivity or performance?
    • Is one language going to interface better with other components?
  • Resourcing. Employing new staff. Who do we need? What skills will we require?

  • Future Meetings.

    1. Development framework. How are we going to develop code? What documentation systems, bug systems, code management systems do we want to employ?
    2. Starting work.