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The desired outcomes from the CMISS redevelopment project and people interested in them.

  • Fully coupled electromechanical simulations in a full ventricular geometry (Andre, Peter).
  • Real time solution of the bidomain equations using a physiologically realistic cellular model in a full ventricular geometry (Andre).
  • Real time interactive volume rendering (Shane, Andre, Peter, Jack, Merryn).
  • Intuitive user interface to full heart simulations (Andre).
  • Seamless integration of images into modelling and visualisation framework, with appropriate and flexible image processing functionality (Greg, Merryn).
  • Simultaneous solution of interdependent (iterative, not explicitly coupled) ventilation distribution, perfusion, gas exchange, and soft tissue mechanics (Merryn).
  • micro-structural models of (discrete?) structure and mechanics of collagen/myocytes, feeding into mechanical properties of macro-scale (continuum) models (Martyn).
  • detailed biophysical electrophysiology models used to determine macro-scale properties of lower-dimensional models appropriate for large scale simulations of electro-mechanics (Martyn, Andre).

In addition, the computational modelling code would have the following features:

  • It is easily extended to new equations and domains (Karl, Andre).
  • Source code is easily understandable (Karl, Andre).
  • The computation and memory intensive components are fast and efficient (Karl, Andre).
  • A modular design with efficient memory use (Greg, Merryn, Andre).