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Minutes 12 February 2007

Present: Travis, Shane, Karl, Jagir.

Example testing / loadleveler pools (AIX)

  • Yecky
    • Must say have many processes to use on each node.
      • Is it the right this to do this all this from Makefile in examples.
    • Files (executables at least) need to be visible on all nodes in the cluster so /tmp is probably not the best place.
    • Link times are about 55 seconds (cf. 6s on bioeng22) so total run times don't give a good indication of execution time.
    • Same executable could be used for different test versions.
  • Where does parallel-diffusion example rs6000 output come from?
    • can't remember.

Bidomain class

  • Inheriting from EquationSystems.
  • seems to be running - solutions look OK.

Where to put code?

  • e.g. bidomain class
  • ? svn
  • ? examples

Multiprocess example output

  • Multiprocess examples can give different output due to the outputting of partitioning in the gmv files. The variation can be avoided by setting GMVIO.partitioning() to false.

Friday talk

  • Travis would like to do a talk one Friday to show how easy it is to get things going with LibMesh.

Fibre angles

  • Karl added an example (3/33/anisotropic-diffusion) showing how CMISS-style fibre angles can be interpreted.